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Two Stories to Share About Grandma
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Two Stories to Share About Grandma

By Sharon Hendrickson

Much of what I remember about Grandma occurred on Christmas Eve.  One thing that maybe only I remember was the time I was asked to watch the marshmallows "peek" out the yams and corn flakes covering them.  "It only takes minutes Sharon so don't take your eyes off them."  Everything else was on the buffet table waiting for me to signal the yams are ready to be placed there too.

"Are they done, dear?"  Grandma asked.

"Sharon are they done?"  My mom questioned.

"No, I don't see marshmallows 'peeking'."

Finally my mom helped me watch.  On and on we watched they just never peeked.  Then mom took a fork and punctured the yam balls and sure enough...no marshmallows were inside to "peek".

Grandma laughed...she was such a good sport.

The last cherished time I had with Grandma occurred just before she died.  The convalescent home called Blaine (he was the administrator there) to tell us Grandma was close to passing away.  I went right down with my two week old son, Greg.  She was unconscious and didn't know anyone was there.  But, even when we visited her in the past the only person she recognized was Grandpa and when he came in the room her face lit up and she donned a wide smile.

It was about 5:30 AM and as I sat next to Grandma I was nursing my little baby.  All of a sudden she raised up and with outstretched arms her face shown with the biggest smile.  Then she laid back down and was gone.

I Know Grandpa came and got her and with tears falling across my face I marveled at the joy I felt as I experience the full circle of life.  The birth of new life and the uniting of a loving relationship.  One coming from heaven the other on her way to heaven.


Last modified: November 10, 2000